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New Year – New Auto Insurance Laws

Happy New Year!  The new year is ringing in new changes in auto insurance in Tennessee.  A new insurance verification system launches this month and it requires all insurance companies to register with the Tennessee Department of Revenue and provide auto insurance policy information.  This new change is to make sure all motorists are insured, and if not, are reported promptly to the State by the insurance carrier if they let their auto insurance lapse or cancel.  Rather than checking for insurance coverage at the time of registration renewal, this system will verify insurance coverage on a continual basis throughout the year.

All drivers should make sure the vehicle identification number on their registration and insurance cards are correct.  Insurance carriers will report their information, and only if there is a problem will motorists have to take action.  If that happens, you will receive a notice from the State asking you to respond within 30 days.  If they do not receive a response within 30 days, motorists will get a $25 penalty.  A final notice imposing the $25 penalty and a warning of a $100 penalty and suspension will then be sent, giving the motorist 30 days to respond.  Finally, a suspension notice will be sent with a total of $125 penalty.

If the system is unable to confirm insurance coverage for a vehicle, a notice will be sent to the owner directing them to a website or call center to sort out any problems.

If a driver does not have valid insurance when pulled over by law enforcement, they will pay additional fines of up to $300 and they can lose their vehicle registration, in addition to being subject to a class C misdemeanor.   Law enforcement will have the new verification tool to verify you have it.  At their discretion they can have your vehicle towed.


Tennessee law requires motorists to carry proof of financial responsibility.  The most common way to meet this requirement is to carry a minimum amount of auto liability insurance.  The required minimum limits for TN is:

  •      $25,000 for each injury or death per accident
  •      $50,000 for total injuries or deaths per accident
  •      $15,000 for property damage per accident

Other ways you can show proof are posting a $65,000 bond with the Dept of Revenue, or making a cash deposit for $65,000.

Under the States new Electronic Insurance Verification System, you risk paying fines and potentially losing the right to drive your vehicle if you do not comply.  You cannot afford NOT to have proper insurance coverage.

We can help!  As an independent agent, we represent insurance companies with competitive rates and flexible payment options.  Call us today at 865-687-8142!



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Florist Insurance Errors and Omissions

Errors and omissions insurance  also known as professional liability coverage. This insurance is designed to protect your customers from harm that is caused by professional mistakes you make. florist

As a Florist, your customers expect you to provide them with guidance and advice about the plants and flowers they purchase from you. If you fail to inform them about potential danger or harm, they can sue your company for the damages caused.

For example, let’s say you sell an Oleander plant to a customer. You forget to tell the customer that the plant is poisonous to pets. Your customer raises award winning chows, and one of them chews on the plant and dies. That customer could sue you for neglecting to warn them that the plant is dangerous to animals.

Since you are a professional florist, your customers assume you have much more knowledge about plants and flowers than they do. Because of this, they trust you to keep them, their pets, their loved ones and their household environment safe.  If you neglect to mention particular problems with plants or flowers you sell, your clients can suffer from harm or loss due to those omissions.

The same concept applies to professional errors. If you make a mistake in floral deliveries and end up sending black roses to a wedding and wedding bouquets to a birthday party, your customers will be very unhappy with the mix up. If the wedding customer feels that you have ruined their special day, they may sue you for damages or pain and suffering.

When clients sue you for mistakes and omissions of this sort, it can become very expensive. In some cases the cost of legal defense and settlements may bankrupt your company. Purchasing errors and omissions insurance coverage can protect you from severe financial losses that might arise when mistakes like this are made.

Our carriers are expert in this industry at providing comprehensive coverage at affordable pricing, and offer flexible payment options.  Let us protect your business and save you money!



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Security Guard Insurance, Private Investigator, Background Screening, Alarm Company Insurance

Our agency specializes in custom built, comprehensive insurance plans for Security Guard insurance, Private Investigators, Background Check Agencies and more.  We have an understanding of the security and alarm industries and partner with insurance carriers that are best in this industry.  We have a high level of expertise and skill at putting together comprehensive plans that protect your business at competitive rates for your bottom line.

We provide General and Professional Liability, Property, Business Auto, Worker’s Compensation, Commercial Umbrella along with many other lines of coverage.

With fully staffed claims and loss control departments that are available to help track any losses and provide services and advise to keep future claims under control.  Our markets are financially strong and stable and are trusted in the security, investigative, background screening and alarm communities.

We offer very flexible payment options also looking out for your bottom line.

Give us a call, let us review your insurance needs and put a specialized plan together!


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Tickets, Accidents, DUIs, SR-22 Filings

If you have tickets, at fault accidents, DUI’s you may have trouble obtaining auto insurance.   You may also be required to file an SR-22 filing with the State for proof of insurance until these incidents fall off your record.  Even though the State only requires minimum limits, higher limits are recommended.

As an independent agency, we have multiple insurance carriers that provide insurance coverage with flexible payment options to fit your budget.  They can also provide Non-Owner policies if you don’t have a vehicle currently in your name.

We can provide a no-obligation quote and get you back on the road.  Give us a call today 865-687-8142.

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Professional Liability and/or Errors and Omissions Insurance

Professional Liability insurance, or Errors & Omissions insurance provides protection for your business if your are sued for negligently performing your services, even if you didn’t make a mistake or error.  This could include failing to deliver your service, an omission of something, or giving incorrect advice.

Who should purchase Professional Liability:

*If you provide any type of professional service

*If you give advice to clients

*If required by contract with someone you regularly do business with

What is normally covered:

*Alleged or actual negligence

*Personal Injury (libel or slander)

*Defense costs

*Copyright infringement

*Employees, temporary staff & independent contractors

Call us today for a no-obligation quote!  We can offer flexible payment options!


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Business Owners Insurance or BOP for Small Business

Starting a new business can be both exciting and stressful.  Everything from location, funding, and business insurance.  As a new business owner choosing the right coverage for your business is a key component to protect your business assets.

Business Owners Insurance, or BOP Insurance is ideal for small to medium size businesses.  It combines property, and/or business personal property (contents) with liability coverage, even business auto, at affordable prices.  Other enhanced coverage can be included such as  business interruption, employee dishonesty, and equipment breakdown, and many others can be endorsed on as well.

There are many classes of business that qualify for the Business Owners Policy such as offices, restaurants, garages, retail stores, service operations, artisan contractors and many more.  The BOP is a great option to pick and choose which coverage works best for your new business, so you can focus on running your new business!

Most minimum premiums start as low as $350 annually and flexible payment options are available.  Let us help you customize your Business Owners Policy today!

Businessman, builder, nurse, architect. Isolated over white background

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Motorcycle Season is here!

Whether you call your ride a cruiser, a chopper, or a hog, chances are Safeco Insurance® covers

it. But it doesn’t end with the bike. Want safety apparel coverage at no extra charge? We can

do that. Need to be able to replace custom parts? Done. Fact is, Safeco® protects you in ways

that many insurance companies don’t. So no matter what it is you need protected, Safeco has

you covered.  We recently saved a Progressive customer $372 a year with Safeco!

Call Minda White at Cameron Insurance Agency at 865-687-8142 for a no obligation quote.


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Special Events Liability

Spring is in the air!  And so are Easter Egg Hunts, Festivals, Car Shows, Motorcycle Events, Weddings and many other community events.  Many venues require Special Events Liability insurance to provide coverage for any bodily injury or property damage at these events.

We have very competitive rates for all your special event insurance needs and can provide a quick turnaround for the quote.  Give us a call today at 865-687-8142 and let us provide a quote for your big event!

Happy Easter!

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Welcome Minda White!

We are excited to welcome Minda White to our team! Minda will be a new producer with us for Personal Lines insurance, Life insurance, Medicare Supplements and Small Commercial Insurance.

Minda has over 8 years industry experience, is married with one daughter, and lives in the Gibbs community.

We feel Minda is going to be a great asset to our agency.

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Worker’s Compensation

Cameron Insurance Agency has is now partnered with Employer’s, America’s small business insurance specialist for Worker’s Compensation insurance.  They are a financially strong carrier with more than 100 years of experience.  They offer competitive pricing with premium discounts and policy dividends, fair and efficient claims handling, managed care specialists working with healthcare providers to promote quality, cost-effective care, loss control support, anti-fraud program, and they have flexible payment plans with low minimum premiums.

We are excited with this new partnership and the savings it will pass on to our customers!  Let us review your worker’s compensation and see how we can help you save.


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